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Therapy for 

Young People

(Kids, Teens & Young Adults)

We're in an exciting yet challenging time to be young. Young people face pressures in school, among friends, peers, on-line, and with family. These are often things that parents didn't have to deal with when they were teens. 


Young people can absolutely find and benefit from someone who "gets" them. A connection with an adult outside of their family can be an important cornerstone in their life. I enjoy filling that role with young people.

Common reasons why young people seek therapy include:

  • Coping with stress 

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Exploring self/identity    

  • Exploring sexual and gender identity

  • Navigating romantic relationships (and loss)

  • Behavioral issues or reducing risk behaviors

  • Anger issues and/or reducing conflict

  • Processing trauma, loss and grief

  • Adjusting to parents' divorce/separation

  • Conflict with parents or family

  • Test anxiety

  • Challenges in school or educational environment

The time we spend in our sessions supports young people to feel understood and empowered to make positive changes in their lives. 

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