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Couple Therapy

We all want to feel understood, validated and appreciated by our partners. Almost every couple I see says that communication is their number one issue. During couple's therapy, we go deeper than using "I" statements and learning practical tools for reducing conflict. We also build new communication habits where each person feels understood and responds with connection and authenticity.

I balance addressing day-to-day conflict with identifying and dealing with deeper, dysfunctional patterns that are at the heart of conflict and emotional distance. I work with clients to create intimacy and lasting connection. 

Common issues include:

  • Parenting and/or blended families

  • Fertility issues and/or loss of pregnancy

  • Work-life/family balance

  • Issues with extended family

  • Finance management

  • Balancing power

  • Emotional intimacy

  • Sexual connection

  • Balancing household and shared responsibilities

  • Healing from affairs and other issues that have impacted a relationship

While the partnership is central to therapy, we also identify and address individual issues that impact the relationship. Common issues include:

  • Stress and anger management

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Trauma and/or grief

  • Past issues that get "triggered" in conflict with our partners


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