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Family Therapy

& Parenting

Restoring and building connections between people lies at the center of my work with families. When family or parenting issues get in the way of having joyful and healthy relationships, I help each person communicate their needs and listen openly to others.


Common reasons parents and families come to therapy include:

  • Adjusting to a new family member or baby

  • Coping with child or teen behavioral problems

  • Learning strategies to change difficult behaviors

  • Implementing new parenting skills

  • Improving communication skills

  • Reducing conflict and managing anger 

  • Dealing with addiction or mental health issues in the family

  • Caring for elderly parents

  • Co-parenting more effectively

  • Managing issues related to blended families

  • Supporting parents at their wits end!

I've worked with families of all kinds--from adult siblings wanting to improve their relationship, to parents and teens in conflict. I take the time to  learn each family member's perspective and understand the impact on the larger family dynamic. I enjoy helping families pinpoint what's not working, build on what is working, and find joy in their family connection.

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