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Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

# LMFT 109884


Heather Franks

Life transitions can be painful and challenging, relationships can be difficult and stressful, and it’s hard to balance all the demands of life and still feel happy and centered. Some issues call for deep reflection to examine ourselves and our future. At other times, we need ideas for action. I use both approaches in my practice.

I help people:

  • Explore solutions to challenging problems

  • Overcome depression, stress, or anxiety

  • Change unproductive behaviors and patterns 

  • Repair family relationships

  • Increase intimacy and connection

  • Release anger and sadness 

  • Communicate effectively

  • Explore and discover yourself/identity 

  • Cope with uncertainty and pain 

  • Navigate life transitions and changes 

  • Accomplish meaningful life goals 

  • Grow and thrive​

​My clients come to therapy for help with depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, parenting issues, anger management, LGBTQ issues, loss and grief, illness and pain conditions, making major life decisions or change, and other issues. 

In my practice, I help my clients with a range of relationship issues—from marriage/romantic partner conflict, communication issues in relationships, resolving issues in friendships, co-parenting, parent-child issues, loss of relationship & grief work, contemplation of separation, and exploring reoccurring relationship patterns.

I believe that therapy offers people the chance to grow and transform in the face of life’s challenges. It's exciting to support people as they journey to explore and better understand themselves and their relationships, and to make choices to positively change their futures.

The match between the therapist and client is critical to your success in therapy. Please reach out to me so we can explore whether I’m the best person to join you on your journey.

My Approach

It's so important to find a therapist you trust, who puts you at ease, knows when to challenge you and when to listen. My clients know me as someone who is warm, down-to-earth, open, and who uses humor. 


I build strong  relationships with my clients and get to the heart of the matter quickly. 

Read more about my approach to working with individuals

In couple's counseling I work to help both people step out of the dance of criticism, blame, defensiveness,  shame, and distancing, and into a new dance where trust, safety, connection so that intimacy are at the center of the partnership. 

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Often, young people need someone other than a parent to turn to as they process concerns in their worlds and futures. 

I help teens and young adults work through challenges, explore their values, gain  confidence in themselves, and feel more understood.

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I work with parents  and families to identify and communicate their needs. Parents learn how to lay the groundwork for a future of love and connection while dealing with the day-to-day problems that make family life stressful.

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